Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boarding an exponential curve

Seth Godin shared a post today that is built around a video visual everyone should see.

Here's Seth's post.

Here's the video:

If you're confident that you're on to something many should be doing but they're not, when should you start doing it? The courageous (or perhaps those without social inhibition) start as soon as they figure out what should be done. The large majority start when they see it's socially acceptable.

There's a lot of fear to overcome to be the first one dancing.

Some of the things I'm doing, I feel like I'm dancing alone. Whether a critical mass will join me, I don't know. I feel a purpose in being one of the "early entrants" that make it OK for others to start. I'd feel some validation if it turned out we were the first dancers on an exponential curve.

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