Friday, July 18, 2008


By OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION, I hereby declare this blog, herein known as "Selfish Matters," to be open for business.

OK, with that out of the way, I'll let go of questions such as "will it be good enough?" "will I have enough to say?" "will readers get me?" Instead, I'm taking the plunge. Here's my Personal Mission Statement:

Who I am and what I stand for

Starting with myself, I help develop leaders.
I live what I believe and I share what works.
I prioritize family before work, work before play and play before more work.
I am uncompromising in my belief that an individual has the ability to change the world. I will make unlimited room for others to join me.
I will be remembered for my integrity and honesty.
I'm trying to live this. My blog is about fulfilling my mission.
I'm not yet sold on my blog title, but the double entendre is intentional. I find a personal interest at the root of everything I do, though many of these "selfish" behaviours are in my long-term interest.
If I'm working tirelessly to solve world hunger, it's only so I can die without guilt.

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