Monday, July 21, 2008

My Blogging Code

One of the lingering items for me starting a blog is asking if it will get me in trouble. Am I giving an insider's look into my organization that shouldn't be shared? As I start this, that fear is outweighed by my desire to speak truths.

With non-specific language, I'm probably not going to get in trouble, either.

I could see myself becoming more relaxed, though, and wanting to express ideas based on that day's events.

I'm thinking of a code that says:

I'll never name my co-workers

I'll use generic examples

I won't talk about confidential projects

But also, I will:

Acknowledge that the public service is a huge bureaucracy

That huge bureaucracies are slow to respond to obvious trends

That there is a significant leadership deficit in the public service

That an organization that has elected individuals as its decision makers is prone to a top-down culture

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