Sunday, September 6, 2009

Am I just being repetitive?

Now that I've been blogging for a while, I would say this is the question that haunts me the most. A lot of magnificent thinkers and writers are talking about the same sorts of things I am talking about.

I've just learned about They have a model is called ROWE, the Results Only Work Environment In my estimation, it's brilliant. I downloaded the introduction and first chapter of their book, Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It, and the evisceration they give to our out-dated perspective on time is fantastic.

So what am I doing here blogging when other people are already saying it so well? Well, two things. First, I'm forcing myself to get my own thoughts into a coherent format and be responsible for them. It's tremendously helpful, if not even a little cathartic. Second, I'm contributing my voice to a movement, one that needs every member the world can spare.

Your quiet agreement to some or all of what I say is great. Agreeing in a not so quiet manner, through voice or action, is powerful.

Oh, hang on. There's a third reason. By blogging, I'm learning a ton. I'm not sure I would have come across ROWE without the generosity of a reader. Thanks Sebastian.

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Sebastian Franck said...

You're most welcome, Nevin.

I, for one, do not at all think you're being repetive. I think you are doing very valuable work in thinking about and spreading the word about these issues. I think they are some of the most profound and significant challenges to the world of work - and thus to the life of most of us. So they are very important indeed. Both your manifesto and your blog are valuable additions to the debate. You provide all of us with support and ammunitution in the fight for change.

Keep up the good work!