Thursday, July 16, 2009

Two choices - Conditioned or Deliberate

You have two choices in how you react to life. You can be conditioned or deliberate.

Our default is set to conditioned. We have ingrained, emotionally-driven responses for every scenario - guilt, fear, happiness, joy, you name it, it's there and ready, should the need arise. If you choose conditioned, you accept the program that's already installed. Perhaps you're accepting or competitive, optimistic or pessimistic, whatever has been established as your modus operandi is pretty much there to stay. You can thank your childhood, your life experiences and your worldview for the program you've got.

The big selling feature of this choice is that you don't really have to choose, you simply have to keep on course. The downside is that you don't usually get to choose which reaction you're having at any given time. It's hardwired, so it depends on what's happening to you.

As a bonus, nothing is ever your fault. Someone else is always the architect of your misery.

The other choice is to be deliberate in your reactions. You can catch yourself before you react and plot out how you want your actions to play out, you can rewire the hardwired reactions. Declare that you are calm, cool and collected... or thoughtful... or passionate... or honest, and start to be that way in your reactions and interactions.

The positives of this choice are that you get to have the kinds of experiences you want and no-one is doing things unto you. While it sounds great, the downside is that you have to do work between your ears, right now and forever after. It gets easier, but you'll find you can never be complacent.

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